Chocoholic: Flourless Chocolate Lava Cakes

The best way to have chocolate Vicky Wasik

Recently I interviewed a local Singapore chocolatier for the popular food website, HungyGoWhere. Megan Lin runs the ship at Cacao7, a unique chocolate shop which specializes in low-carbohydrate/low-GI chocolates and desserts. During the interview, Megan offered to let me sample a few of her creations, including a flourless warm chocolate lava cake made with her organic Equadorian chocolate. Based on my previous experiences with diabetic friendly "sweets", I was really skeptical, but I love Equadorian chocolate (yes, I know, it's a hard life being a food writer).

After a few minutes Megan came out to the counter from behind the back with a tiny little paper cup and plunked the warm chocolate cake in front of me. Each spoonful of molten chocolate was absolute heaven. Without any flour, the chocolate flavor was completely pure and the texture like pudding. On top of that, I seriously would never have been able to tell that there was anything other than pure sugar in it. This was really diabetic? How can she do it? By using an all natural product called Whey Low to sweeten up her chocolates and desserts. I was so in love with the flavor and texture of this molten chocolate cake that I had to give it a spin at home.

Most of us (myself included) do bake with sugar (lots of it), so I decided to take that road instead. I fiddled around with the very few ingredients that make up chocolate lava cakes. I took out flour, and tried both unsweetened chocolate and rich 70% bittersweet (which had the best flavor). The method couldn't be simpler: Whip the eggs with sugar till light, then stir in the melted chocolate and butter. After a super brief bake in the oven, the cakes emerged with a gooey center that still read 160°F on a thermometer. I was in chocolate heaven. Again.