Gallery: First Look: The Baked Bear, San Diego

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich
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    The Baked Bear, San Diego

    The Baked Bear's logo reveals two important things about polar bears. 1: They look great in Ray-Bans, and 2: they prefer chocolate chip cookies. Good to know.

    Brownie Sandwich

    Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich

    The fudgy brownies paired deliciously with the mint chocolate ice cream.



    A tray of waffles, ready to go.

    Warming the Waffle

    Waffle and ice cream

    The assembled waffle and ice cream sandwich spends a few seconds getting warmed up inside the press. It's at a low enough temperature that the waffle warms up without the ice cream melting.

    Waffle Sandwich, Complete

    Waffle ice cream sandwich

    The final product. Check out the crisp edges.

    Cookies on Standby

    trays of cookies

    Racks of soft, chewy cookies were standing by.

    M&M and Red Velvet Cookies

    M&Ms cookies and red velvet cookies

    These two cookies combine to make one great ice cream sandwich. Try it with the cookies and cream ice cream for a three-cookies-in-one treat.

    Gluten Intolerant? No Problem.

    gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

    The gluten-free chocolate chip is the only cookie the shop doesn't make fresh on the premises. But if you have a gluten allergy, they're a worthy substitute for the original, and just 75 cents apiece.

    Cookie Sandwich

    cookie ice cream sandwich

    M&M on the bottom, red velvet on the top, cookies and cream ice cream in the middle. Yum.


    tray of brownies

    Fresh baked brownies await their ice cream orders.

    Brownie Squish

    brownie ice cream sandwich

    A big ball of mint chocolate ice cream is smushed between two brownies.

    Interior of the Shop

    Baked Bear interior

    Baked Bear Owners

    Baked Bear owners with waffles

    Owners Shane Stanger and Rob Robbins, two SD natives, strike a pose.