The Best Spring Recipes in Our Repertoire

Braised artichokes, soft-shell-crab sandwiches, and all the other spring recipes we're most excited to try out (or welcome back into our rotations) this season.

J. Kenji López-Alt

In much of the country, the time of year that resembles spring—warm but not too warm, mostly free of humidity, the mosquitoes still dormant enough that you can actually enjoy the lengthening afternoons and evenings, instead of just surrendering your porch/back deck/stoop to the conquering bugs—feels vanishingly brief. And, despite the fact that you can now often buy year-round what used to be strictly seasonal fruits and vegetables, the tastiest of spring's foodstuffs are available during a correspondingly short window.

Hence the fervor exhibited by some of us when those precious items finally start turning up at the markets. Artichokes! Baby greens! The elusive and mania-inducing ramps! Get 'em while you can, or you risk missing out for a whole year.

Those of us who are less susceptible to the seductions of spring produce, after months of being cooped up inside warming our hands over the oven vents, still can't resist the urge to finally get outdoors, and all the lighter, more refreshing dishes (and drinks) that fresh air and greening landscapes bring to mind. Here are all the Serious Eats recipes we're most excited to try out, or welcome back into our rotations, this spring.