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Chicken and rice soup poured into a white bowl.
The Best Soup Bowls for Every Kind of Soup
Fellow Ode Gen 2
We Used Fellow's New Coffee Grinder Every Day for 4 Months—And Highly Recommend It
A closeup shot of labels on three bags of coffee beans
Robusta May Be The Future of Coffee—Here’s How To Try It
the font of an espresso machine showing a number of dials and switches and a green light indicating proper dosage
The Breville Barista Express Impress Makes Brewing Espresso Easy—Now It’s 20% Off
boning knives on a marble countertop
We Tested 10 Boning Knives—Two Flexed on the Competition
a variety of different knives hanging from a magnetic wooden knife holder
The Best Knife Set is the One You Make Yourself
Hands holding the multiple components of the Ratio Six's carafe and brewing system
Why Are Some Coffee Makers So Expensive?
a blue Dutch oven beside a red Dutch oven
Le Creuset vs. Staub Dutch Ovens: The Battle of the Best
Sprinkling grated cheese into a pan of scrambling eggs
Nonstick vs. Ceramic Skillets: Is One Better Than the Other?
five personal blenders on a countertop with white tile background
The Best Personal Blenders for Smoothies, According to our Tests
A sous vide machine heating up a cambro container filled with water and a hand with a thermometer taking the temperature of the water
The Best Sous Vide Containers (Some, You Might Already Have)
Nesco vacuum sealer on a marble countertop
One of Our Favorite Vacuum Sealers Is Currently on Sale for 35% Off
a HydroFlask and a Yeti water bottle side-by-side on a marble surface
Hydro Flask vs. Yeti Water Bottles: Which One Should You Buy?
a group of electric citrus juicers on a marble surface
We Tested 11 Citrus Juicers to Find the Best Ones for Tackling Citrus Big and Small
a handful of cleaning products (oven cleaner, dish cloths) on a blue background
The Best Kitchen Cleaning Products, According to Serious Eats Staffers
an array of espresso knock boxes
We Tested 10 Espresso Knock Boxes—Five Impressed Us
Using the Thermapen one to take the temp of roast chicken
Our Favorite Instant-Read Thermometer Is 30% Off for a Limited Time
a top-down shot of apple slices in a dehydrator before being dried
How a Food Dehydrator Can Help You Reduce Food Waste
the challenger fermentation mat
We Reviewed the Challenger Fermentation Mat and Recommend It for Sourdough Bakers
a stack of metal pans on the right and a stack of glass pans on the left
What’s the Difference Between Glass and Metal Baking Pans?
Anova Precision Chamber Sealer with blue backdrop.
We Tested the Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer
three bread machines lined up on a counter
We Tested 20 Bread Machines—Three Proved They Were The Best
ankarsrum stand mixer on yellow background
We Tested the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer for Months to Find Out if It’s Worth Buying
mandolines on a yellow backdrop
We Tested 8 Mandolines to Find Ones That Could Slice with Ease
a Vitamix Immersion blender standing upright against a marble backdrop
We Reviewed The Vitamix Immersion Blender (And It Was Almost Silly Powerful)
a bunch of silverware on a wooden surface
We Tested 12 Flatware Sets to Find the Best Ones for Everyday Use
Pastry cream being strained through a fine mesh strainer into a stainless steel bowl
Kitchen Gear and Tools We Think You Should Have Two (Or More) Of
7 squeeze bottles lined up in front of white tiles.
We Tested 7 Squeeze Bottles to Find the Best for Your Kitchen
A group of pasta rollers and cutters on marble surface
We Tested 7 Pasta Makers to Find the Best Ones for Rolling and Cutting Dough
Sliding a margherita pizza into the Breville oven.
The Breville Pizzaiolo Oven Makes Great Neapolitan Pizza—And It’s 20% Off This Week
Multiple Olive Oil Dispenser Bottles
We Tested 9 Olive Oil Dispensers—Here Are Our Favorites
Pouring flour into stand mixer bowl
My KitchenAid Stand Mixer is Leaking Oil—What’s Going On?
Minced carrots in a food processor bowl
Food Processor vs. Blender: What's the Difference?
A person using an offset spatula to frost a cake on a cake stand
Why an Offset Spatula Is the Tool I Can’t Bake Without
pouring oat milk from the miroco frother
Our Winning Milk Frother Is Finally Back in Stock—And It's On Sale
a knife being sharpened with a ceramic honing steel
Honing Versus Sharpening a Knife: What's the Difference?
An air fryer basket containing fries
How Do Air Fryers Compare to Convection Ovens?
a collage of four items (bowls, a skillet, wine glasses, a knife) on a colorful background
14 Last-Minute, Food-Related Valentine’s Day Gifts
a lomi composter on a marble surface
Lomi Composter Review: Here’s Whether It’s Worth It (or Not)
cooked fries in an air fryer basket with a hand pulling the basket out midway
How Do Air Fryers Work?
Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid
Is the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid a Good Air Fryer?
a group of glass wine decanters on a wooden surface
We Tested 13 Wine Decanters and Came Away with 2 Favorites
Loaves on a baking stone in an oven
All of the Tools You Need to Make Really Great Baguettes at Home
lineup of carbon steel skillets on a white surface
We Tested 13 Carbon Steel Pans—Three Stood Out
pouring out coffee grounds from the baratza virtuoso+
Why We Think Baratza Grinders Are worth the Money (Including Two That Are on Sale)
eight different miniature whisks on a marble background
We Tested 8 Mini Whisks And Came Away with Three Favorites
Bundt pans
We Tested 11 Different Bundt Pans—Three Won Top Marks
A person scrubs the interior of a dutch oven with dish soap, water, and a sponge.
How to Deep-Clean Your Dutch Oven (and Keep It Looking Like New)
an espresso machine with a built-in grinder sits on a counter in front of a tiled wall
The Breville Barista Express Impress Makes Home Espresso Approachable
overhead shot of bento boxes
We Reviewed 11 Bento Boxes to Find One We’d Pack Lunch In
A group of vegetable peelers on a grey surface
We Tested 14 Popular Vegetable Peelers to Find the Best Ones
A wide-angle shot of a Nespresso machine brewing into a mug with a milk frother beside it
Nespresso vs. Keurig: Which Coffee Maker is Better?
13 nakiri knives on a marble countertop
We Tested 13 Nakiri Knives—Three Sliced Through the Competition
A hand with an oven mitt pulling a baking stone with a pizza on it out of the oven
Baking Steels vs. Stones: Which One Should You Buy?
A glass of cold brew with a container of cold brew concentrate behind it
What’s the Deal With Instant Cold Brew Makers?
One hand holding the lid of a coffee container and the other holding the body of the container
Should You Be Storing Coffee in a Coffee Canister?
A round bread loaf in a parchment paper sling sitting in the shallow base of a cast iron combo cooker
We Reviewed 3 Cast Iron Bread Ovens and Recommend All of Them
four Anyday cookware dishes of varying sizes on a blue countertop
We Reviewed Anyday Cookware: Are the Microwavable Dishes Worthwhile?