Electric Appliances

There's an electric kitchen appliance for just about any task these days. We've sorted through what's *actually* useful for every budget and kitchen size.
a top-down shot of apple slices in a dehydrator before being dried
How a Food Dehydrator Can Help You Reduce Food Waste
Anova Precision Chamber Sealer with blue backdrop.
We Tested the Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer
three bread machines lined up on a counter
We Tested 20 Bread Machines—Three Proved They Were The Best
ankarsrum stand mixer on yellow background
We Tested the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer for Months to Find Out if It’s Worth Buying
a Vitamix Immersion blender standing upright against a marble backdrop
We Reviewed The Vitamix Immersion Blender (And It Was Almost Silly Powerful)
Sliding a margherita pizza into the Breville oven.
The Breville Pizzaiolo Oven Makes Great Neapolitan Pizza—And It’s 20% Off This Week
Pouring flour into stand mixer bowl
My KitchenAid Stand Mixer is Leaking Oil—What’s Going On?
Minced carrots in a food processor bowl
Food Processor vs. Blender: What's the Difference?
An air fryer basket containing fries
How Do Air Fryers Compare to Convection Ovens?
a lomi composter on a marble surface
Lomi Composter Review: Here’s Whether It’s Worth It (or Not)
cooked fries in an air fryer basket with a hand pulling the basket out midway
How Do Air Fryers Work?
Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid
Is the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid a Good Air Fryer?
A Balmuda Toaster oven on a wooden countertop
Balmuda: Our Review of the Pretty, Steam-Powered Toaster
Breville oven with black background
Is Breville’s New Joule Air Fryer Toaster Oven Worth Buying?
three winning ice makers on a wooden countertop with a white wall behind them.
We Tested 8 Countertop Ice Makers—Three Stood Out
Vitamix Explorian E310 blender on the countertop
Is It Worth Buying a Refurbished Vitamix or KitchenAid?
Two air fryers against a colorful background
The Best Air Fryer Deals You Can Get Right Now
Vitamix Food Processor on the A3500 blender base
Is the Vitamix Food Processor Attachment Worth It?
a red kitchenaid stand mixer on a kitchen countertop
Which KitchenAid Stand Mixer Should You Buy? We Compared (Almost) All of Them
three keurigs on a stainless steel tabletops
How Do Keurig Coffee Makers Work, Anyways?
three air fryers side-by-side on a biege countertop
We Tested Air Fryers (and Cooked 30-Plus Pounds of Potatoes) to Find the Best Ones
A spinn coffee maker brewing coffee over ice
The Spinn Coffee Maker Is One of the Only Automated Brewers We Like
beast blender on blue countertop with black background
Does it Blend Like a Beast? We Tested the BEAST Personal Blender to Find Out
three electric deep fryers on a marble surface
Should You Buy an Electric Deep Fryer?
a vitamix blender on a marble surface
The Best Vitamix Sales
a side angle look at the oxo coffee maker sitting on a grey countertop
As a Coffee Professional, I Can't Overstate How Good OXO’s Brewer Is (It's 20% Off, Too)
A closeup shot of coffee grounds placed in a filter in a brew basket
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee Maker
A hand pressing down on the start button a coffee grinder
This Is How to Clean Your Coffee Grinder
A Nespresso machine brewing a cup of coffee into an amber mug
Should You Buy a Nespresso Machine?
The Vitamix FoodCycler on a countertop
Is the Vitamix Countertop Composter Worth Its $400 Price Tag?
multiple vacuum sealers on a marble surface
We Tested 19 Vacuum Sealers—Here Are the Best Ones
two electric gooseneck kettles on a countertop
We Tested 13 Gooseneck Kettles To Find the Best Ones for Pourover Coffee (and More)
a smoothie being blended in the Vitamix 5200 blender
Which Vitamix Blender Should You Buy? We Compared (Almost) All of Them
Bonavita and Mr. Coffee coffee makers
We Tested Coffee Makers That Cost $150 (or Less)—Here Are Our Favorites
Instant Pot Review
We Tested 11 Instant Pots to Find Out Which Ones Are Worth Buying
four toasters on a white countertop
We Tested 14 Toasters—Here Are Our Favorites for Bagels, Oblong Slices, and More
four juicers on a wooden countertop
We Tested Juicers to Find the Best Ones For Juicing Fruits and Vegetables
Two immersion blenders (All-Clad and Hamilton Beach) side by side
We Tested 16 Immersion Blenders—Here Are Our Favorites
four immersion circulators against a blue background
We Tested 18 Sous Vide Machines (Immersion Circulators)—Here Are Our Favorites
Three food processors against a blue tile background
We Tested 17 Food Processors—Here Are the 4 Worth Buying
We Tested 11 Electric Griddles—Here Are Our Favorites
Why I Love the AeroGarden
Lowering a bag of chicken into a sous vide machine to cook it
Sous Vide Cooking: How to Get Started
We Tested 13 Spice Grinders to Find the Best Ones
stand mixer creaming butter and sugar
How Do Stand Mixers Work?
KitchenAid Pro-6
This Is the Best Stand Mixer You Can Buy
Warming soup in a slow cooker
Why You Shouldn't Buy a Slow Cooker
Steam escaping from the open lid of a Hamilton Beach rice cooker filled with cooked rice
We Tested 17 Rice Cookers—Here Are Our Favorites
We Tested 14 Coffee Grinders—Here Are the Best Ones
What to Make With a Stand Mixer
a pizza on a cutting board
We Tried the Breville Pizzaiolo Oven—Here's What We Think About It
We Tested 15 Pressure Cookers and Multi-Cookers—These Are Our Favorites
We Tested 20 Waffle Makers—Here Are Our Favorite Models
My Electric Water Pot Beats A Kettle Any Day
Stop Putting These Things in the Dishwasher
Transform Your Small, Crappy Apartment With a Countertop Dishwasher
Use the Microwave to Dry Your Herbs for Long-Lasting Intense Flavor
We Tested High-End Blenders—Here Are Our Two Favorites