Gallery: 8 Ways to Hack Your Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

  • Extra Lime-A-Rita

    Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

    A few tablespoons of fresh squeezed lime juice takes some of the edge off of the Lime-A-Rita, lending a little extra freshness to the drink.


    slushie margarita

    Serious Eats designer Tracie and her husband Wayne like to churn a batch of this stuff in their ice cream maker, but unfortunately in the Serious Eats Test Kitchen there is no ice cream maker. Solution, care of New York Editor Max: freeze Lime-A-Rita into cubes and run it through the blender for what became my personal favorite of our Lime-A-Rita hacks.

    Grilled Lime-A-Rita

    lime-a-rita with charred lime garnish

    Thinly slice limes and char them on the grill (or run them under the broiler for a few minutes) until they've got some nice color. Muddle one slice in the bottom of the glass, top with ice and Lime-A-Rita, then garnish with another grilled lime slice. In all honesty, this doesn't taste a whole lot different from straight up Lime-A-Rita, but the grilled lime has a lot of wow factor, and adds a tiny bit of caramelized flavor to the finished product.

    Basil (or any herb) Lime-A-Rita

    Lime-A-Rita with basil garnish

    A few teaspoons of basil-infused simple syrup (you can make your own using the method described here) lent this concoction an herbaceous undertone. Don't feel limited to basil, though: this would be great with mint, lemon verbena, lovage, thyme, rosemary, or whatever else you've got growing in your garden.

    Lime-A-Rita Michelada

    spicy Lime-A-Rita

    For a twist on michelada, the spicy beer concoction, we mixed up a splash of lime juice and a squirt of hot sauce in the bottom of a glass with a chile powder and salt rim. This was one of our favorites, with the hot sauce adding a nice depth of flavor to the Lime-A-Rita.

    Lime-A-Rita Sangria

    Lime-A-Rita sangria

    Here we combined Lime-A-Rita with some orange juice and topped with roughly chopped white peaches. No, it didn't taste like sangria at all, but it was certainly a treat.

    Arnold Palm-A-Rita

    Lime-A-Rita with Arnold Palmer

    Half iced tea, half Lime-A-Rita, all delicious. Exactly what you want to be drinking at a picnic. (Note: please check local liquor laws before enjoying Lime-A-Rita in public places.)


    Lime-A-Rita with Ginger Beer

    Ginger beer gives the Lime-A-Rita a nice, fresh bite.