8 Ways to Hack Your Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

Robyn Lee

Have you met the Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita? It's the margarita-(sorta)-in-a-can that sounds so wrong but tastes so, so right. It may be too sweet for some, but there's a growing faction of us here in the Serious Eats office that love the stuff. It's fun to drink, it's refreshing, and it's basically the only thing making these dog days of summer a little more bearable. The 8% ABV in each can doesn't hurt, either.

Now, a Lime-A-Rita is pretty much perfect straight out of the can; it's even better in a glass over ice, as the label emphatically encourages. But as my own Lime-A-Rita consumption grew, I couldn't shake the feeling that a few key tweaks might catapult my Lime-A-Rita-derived bliss (and buzz) to new heights. So I spent a recent happy hour adding fresh fruit, basil simple syrup, ginger beer, and more to my new favorite summer beverage.

They all turned out to be concoctions I'd be happy to drink at the next cookout I'm invited to. Note that Lime-A-Rita is not just strong in terms of ABV, but also flavor. We found it takes a lot of mixer to really taste anything other than Lime-A-Rita; but no matter what you add, you'll still catch a nice buzz due to the Lime-A-Rita's high alcohol content.

See all the results in the slideshow, and let us know in the comments what you'd like to mix into a Lime-A-Rita!