Gallery: A Tour of Economy Candy, the Best and Craziest Candy Store in NYC

  • Satellite wafers

    More vintage candy: styrofoam-ish edible spaceships filled with hard, crunchy candies. You let the saucers dissolve on your tongue to reach the goodies within.


    Sweet and salty licorice. Try them all!

    Or not.

    Wax lips

    Yup, they still exist.

    Weird mints

    Bacon mints we've heard of, but absinthe mints have us curious.


    Graham crackers sandwich a fluffy marshmallow and the whole mess is coated in milk or dark chocolate. A satisfying dessert indeed.



    Economy Candy opened in 1937 and has become a Lower East Side institution over the decades.

    Step inside

    Indian nuts are back in stock!

    Walk on in

    The only parts of Economy Candy not covered in candy are covered in candy paraphernalia. Take it one aisle at a time.

    Loose candy

    Assorted candies from peppermints to Bit-O-Honey to Life Savers are available by the pound.

    Candy Corn

    Massive bags of candy corn—and all manner of candy corn derivatives.

    Grab bags

    Or you can opt for an eight pound grab bag.

    Giant Pez

    A Pez dispenser is all well and good, but a giant Betty Boop (or Captain America, or Spiderman, or Spongebob—seriously, why are these the ones they sell?) dispenser can't be beat.


    These are the real thing—too large to actually fit in your mouth.

    British candy

    Economy Candy has a whole shelf of British candy. There's a good chunk of the Cadbury Dairy Milk line, Crunchies, Maltesers, Flakes, and Aero bars.

    Candy cigs

    Candied cigarettes and cigars, practically an endangered species, sighted here.

    Candy cigar boxes

    U-Bet Syrup

    Hardcore egg cream fans know that a real egg cream can only be made with seltzer, whole milk, and Fox's U-Bet syrup, which is in good supply here.


    And here are the gummies. All of the gummies.

    Candy island

    More modern candies—though don't dismiss those buttons in the bottom left—are piled high in center islands.


    We've never seen chocolate bandages before and probably never will again.

    In awe of the lollipops

    Intern Eric just can't deal with the size of these lollipops.


    Well, they are huge.

    Nikl nips

    You probably haven't missed these wax bottles filled with saccharine syrup since they've slinked away from candy shelves. But should you feel a craving coming on, Economy Candy has you covered.

    Chocolate by the pound

    Malted milk balls in several flavors and chocolate river rocks.


    And all the gelt you could ever want.


    Hard candy sixlets in all the colors of the metallic rainbow.


    And M&M's by the pound. Lots of M&M's.

    I think we need a shopping cart

    That's 45 pounds of M&M's.

    Can you handle all this jelly?

    Candy sticks

    Remember candy sticks, those lollipops without a handle? They're here for 20 cents a pop.


    Economy Candy has an ample selection of Brooklyn-made halvah.

    More lollies


    They also inexplicably stock a vintage comic collection. Jamie got really into this one.

    Cadbury Cream Eggs


    Dried fruit

    The crown jewel of Economy Candy is its selection of nuts and dried fruit. Some trail mix varieties for grab-and-go eating.

    Red vines

    Red vine fans, here's where to go.

    Jellied fruit

    I have a serious weakness for these jellied fruits.

    All the Ritter Sport

    Okay, they're missing a few. But this is a lot of Ritter Sport.

    More loose candy

    Hard candies and gumdrops behind the counter.

    Jelly rings

    A staple of terrible Jewish appetizing desserts, these jelly rings are alive and well at Economy Candy.


    Truffle, nonpareils, dipped chocolates, and then some. You can also find chocolate-dipped fruit and pretzels in this case.