Gallery: Bring Back the Aperitif: 5 Refreshing Cocktail Recipes from The Modern in NYC

  • Beneventano


    "We're big Negroni and Americano freaks here," wine director Ehren Ashkenazi told us. This delightfully bitter variation on the Americano uses Aperol instead of Campari, and punches up the bitterness with Rabarbaro Zucca Amaro, which is made with rhubarb. Get the recipe »

    Kina Cocktail

    The Modern's variation on the Kina Cocktail uses Cocchi Americano, and French Citadelle gin, which is more botanical than junipery. A few drops of dry sherry add a delicate nutty flavor to the drink. Get the Recipe »


    "This is a super-light and fruity rendition of a Pimm's Cup," said Ashkenazi of this Aperol and Pimm's cocktail. Tonic water keeps it from getting too sweet, and fresh mint brightens the flavor. Get the Recipe »

    Tres Jolie

    "Aromatized wines are slowly coming back," said Ashkenazi, who likes how Cointreau accents the complex flavor of Dubonnet Rouge. If you like to drink kir or wine spritzers, you should try this easy-drinking aperitif cocktail. Get the Recipe »

    Long Rum Punch