The Easiest Way to Store Grains is a Cheap Plastic Pitcher


There are plenty of ways to store your grains: in their own bags with clips, big Pinterest-ready glass jars, or maybe your hopelessly mismatched set of plastic tupperware. But bags spring leaks, glass jars are heavy, and tupperware can topple. My new solution? A cheap 2 1/4 quart plastic pitcher. You may have one lying around from that picnic two years ago.


Consider the pitcher's virtues:

It has a pour spout. I hate pouring out grains from large containers and using scooping cups is slow-going. With a pitcher you can pour grains out, no mess, no fuss.

It's tall and narrow, which means it's space efficient. You can fit several pitchers, each with their own grain, on one pantry shelf.

It's a good volume. As it happens, 2 1/4 quarts is exactly the volume you need to store five pounds of rice minus the first two cups you measured out for dinner.

It's durable, safe from bugs and mice as well as an accidental drop on the floor.

It'll cost you eight bucks, tops.

Nothing beats a Cambro storage bin for larger quantities of bulk goods, but for day-to-day rice storage? I'm sticking with the pitcher.