Gallery: Boston: Dumpling Cafe Dishes Out Soup Dumplings Worth the Trip

  • Soup Dumplings ($5.95)

    Perfect skins filled with a rich, salty-sweet broth flavored with pork, ginger, and sesame.

    Snow Pea Pods with Garlic ($12.95)

    Lightly stir-fried and nice and garlicky.

    Sautéed Duck Tongues with Basil ($15.95)

    Delicious, though you have to be into duck tongue's gamy flavor and finickiness (each one has a hard strip of cartilage in it which has to be picked out).

    Shredded Beef with Long Horn Pepper Noodles Soup ($5.95)

    A much better broth-based dish is their Shredded Beef with Long Horn Pepper Noodles Soup ($5.95). Spicy and balanced, it's rich and filling with a significant amount of heat and fresh, springy noodles.

    Twice Cooked Pork ($9.50)

    Another Sichuan-style dish, the pork belly here is served in largish juicy chunks rather than the traditional thin slices. It's a nice take on a classic.