Dulces: Turrón de Chocolate (Chocolate Biscuit Cake)


I've been gathering and researching Latin American recipes in preparation for each week's installment of "Dulces" and decided to start with those that are most familiar; the ones I grew up eating. My husband couldn't wait for me to make this one: it's one of his favorites because it's all cocoa and sugar, but especially because it's one that he learned to prepare alongside his grandmother.

On my end, I was looking forward to telling you how my mom started selling desserts to the Managua country club when she was 14 and how this was one of the offerings, how back home this is as popular at birthday parties as the standard layer cake with frosting and sugar roses, how it may be the one dessert that even non-cooks will whip up for special occasions, etc. etc. etc.

However, I need to put all of that aside and point out the obvious: This is chocolate biscuit cake. I had no idea! I DVR'ed the royal wedding and never got around to watching it, so I missed all the talk about the biscuit cake, and now...surprise, surprise.

This recipe is a little different, but pretty much the same. Sort of the way the Olsens are fraternal twins but look almost identical.

I have no explanation for this. No one I know has a clue where the turrón recipe cemented itself into the Nicaraguan diet, but there you have it. English dessert in español.