Drinking in Season: The Sunny Getaway


As winter rolls on and we ease into March I find myself itching for a tropical getaway. It doesn't have to be super fancy, just warm weather, some water to dip my toe in and a place to set my cocktail. Unfortunately the closest I'm going to get to that is my imagination and a good drink. But rest assured, with the right ingredients, a tropical getaway is only a few sips away.

Inspired by Scott Beattie's Thai Monkey cocktail in Artisanal Cocktails, I started tinkering around with different combinations of tropical ingredients. After a few tries I found perfection: muddled limes, a splash of Meyer lemon juice, coconut milk, vodka—and ginger beer to give it a kick. The result is a cocktail that brings instant relaxation. The coconut, lime, and vodka soothe, while the Meyer lemon adds a floral depth. Ginger beer gives it just the right amount of spice to keep it interesting—a tropical adventure.

So if you're like me and won't be hopping on a plane to a sunny destination anytime soon, treat yourself to one of these and you'll find the perfect getaway is your glass.