Drinking in Season: Sour Cherry Gin Cocktail


Pucker up, it's sour cherry season! These elusive cherries can usually be found for a weeks in late June and early July at farm stands and farmers' markets—if you see them, grab a box. These tart, almost transparent cherries make great desserts, preserves, and of course, cocktails. This cocktail is a perfect way to use any leftover cherries after making a pie, since it only requires a few of them.

Gin because brings subtle herbal flavors that add depth to this cocktail while allowing the primary flavor—those special cherries—to shine. After gently muddling the cherries with a little simple syrup, I simply added ice and gin, gave it a stir right there in the glass and topped it with a little seltzer. It's a delightfully sippable cocktail with a bit of a sour edge that'll keep you on your toes.