Drinking in Season: Raspberry and Rum Iced Tea

Raspberry Rum Iced Tea

This pitcher of raspberry iced tea starts with an easy raspberry syrup and gets party-ready with the addition of both light and dark rum.

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Kelly Carámbula

The birds are chirping, there's a slight breeze rustling the trees and the only sound interrupting nature is the occasional car passing down a country road. I'm not in Brooklyn anymore—no, I'm 1200 miles away in a small town in Michigan enjoying the sweet sounds and slower pace of country life. Times like these are meant to be savored and that's what I've planned to do—complete with a backyard barbeque. My grilling skills may be a little rusty, but I can certainly bring a pitcher full of tasty summer drinks to the party.

Looking for a cocktail for multiple people that can be easily sipped through afternoon and evening, I immediately thought of iced tea—a summer staple in these parts. Since it's high berry season, it seemed only fitting to include berries in the festivities. Dark rum gives the tea a little more depth while the light rum perks up the fruitiness. This raspberry and rum iced tea is light and refreshing like classic iced tea should be, but the raspberries and rum bring a bright, energetic flavor that remind you to have a little fun. It is summer after all.