Drinking in Season: Basil Lime Cooler

Kelly Carámbula

A few weeks ago I found myself with a bushel of basil—I was in over my head with bunches of the herb and needed to use them up asap. After making the prerequisite pestos, I ventured into pizza and even a basil and lime sorbet, which got me thinking. Those two flavors are perfect summer partners—refreshing and full of flavor—so they can only get better with the addition of a little booze, right? I quickly got to work creating a cool summer cocktail (and using up more of that basil.)

Since both the basil and lime have strong, clean flavors, I kept the cocktail pretty simple. After infusing a simple syrup with basil, I simply paired it with lime juice, vodka, and a splash of seltzer water. It's a light and easy cocktail for an afternoon in the sun.