Gallery: Drink This Now: Pestle Tea

  • Paste Ingredients

    nuts, seeds, and tea leaves on a blue plate

    The tea begins with a paste made of nuts, seeds, and tea leaves. There's no set recipe, but Fang Gourmet uses pumpkin and sesame seeds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and a light unrolled tea.


    Grinding pestle tea

    The mix is best ground in a stone mortar, which allows for a grit-free paste that keeps all the bright flavors and aromatic oils intact. You can use a blender or food processor in a pinch, but the end result won't be as richly flavored.

    Grinding, Continued

    Ground pestle tea

    The components have begun to break down into a loose pesto-like paste, but there's still a ways to go. At this point the intoxicating smell of freshly ground nut butter and roasted pumpkin seeds begins to fill the room.

    Keep Going

    grinding tea mixture

    Taking the ingredients from whole to paste requires about twenty minutes of studious grinding.

    An Oily Paste

    oily paste

    This is what you're looking for: a paste that looks a lot like pesto but with no added oils. Processing it finely ensures that the flavorful fats from the nuts and seeds emulsify thoroughly into the tea.

    Pre-Ground Mix

    pre-ground pestle tea mix

    Fang Gourmet bolsters the freshly ground paste with a pre-ground mix of other nuts, seeds, and tea. It's not as flavorful as the paste, but it adds additional flavor and body. You can, as a shortcut, make pestle tea with this mix and tea alone.

    Stir It Together

    Pestle tea mix

    The mix gets ground into the paste, taking it from a pesto doppelganger to a matcha look-alike.

    Stirring In Tea

    stirring in tea

    While you're grinding away, one of the tea masters will brew up a bright green or juicy oolong, which you then stir into the paste.


    pouring tea mixture

    The fully emulsified pestle tea is creamy and rich, a nourishing drink to take care of your hunger through the morning and put you at ease.

    A Ready Cup

    cup of pestle tea

    Twenty minutes later, your reward: an aromatic and comforting drink for nasty weather.