Dom DeMarco and the 'Heavy Hand'


You heard it here first, kids, but the New York Times finally filed a story on the Di Fara $5 slice price, so I guess it's officially news now. Best quote of the story: “It’s like they dug up my grandma and she made the pie."

But perhaps the most interesting part of the story is the revelation from Dom's daughter Maggie that something has changed in the way he makes the pies....

Margaret Mieles, Mr. DeMarco’s daughter and Di Fara’s manager, said a number of factors went into the decision to raise prices. The shop has always used expensive imported ingredients, but in the past six months Mr. DeMarco has been more generous with them, part of what she called his new "heavy hand." As a result, she said, more supplies are being ordered more often.

Interesting. People have been commenting for a while now that Dom has been pouring olive oil on the pies before and after baking, and I've noticed it myself, too. I'd also thought the pies were becoming more cheese-laden. But this seems to confirm those observations.

Blogger Josh Goldblatt picked up on the buried lede in the Times piece. And digging further on his site will reveal a nice essay from early June on the changing nature of Di Fara pies.