Does Anyone Use the Honey Thing?


Steven of The Sneeze takes a look at the widespread use of "the honey thing"—also known as a honey dipper, honey wand, or honey drizzler—on cereal boxes despite that few people seem to actually use these honey things:

"You have done well for yourself, little wooden honey thing. I suspect you have a kick-ass publicist, since NOBODY ACTUALLY USES YOU."
If I were that cute bear-shaped squeeze bottle of honey in my kitchen, I'd be on the phone with my agent right now, tearing him a new one.

I've actually wondered about the use of honey dippers too; does anyone actually use them? My honey-removal tool of choice is a spoon, which, conveniently, has many other uses. The use of a honey dipper appears to be limited to being dunked in honey. Enlighten me, oh, Serious Eaters.