9 Desserts To Celebrate Bastille Day

Tricolore Berry Meringue Creams

This sweet, simple dessert is only appropriate in the heyday of summer and its sweet, plump berries, coinciding just perfectly with Le Quatorze. The white of the meringue and French vanilla whipped cream stand for egalité, the blueberries for liberté, and the raspberries and currants for fraternité. A fun, jaunty little tribute to Le Tricolore on this great summer holiday.

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We love that Bastille Day falls on a Saturday this year. That means a whole day devoted to sipping rosé while playing a leisurely game of pétanque. It also means that we'll have time to throw together a real French meal, including dessert bien sûr.

Here are 9 possibilities for dessert à la Française.

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Tricolore Berry Meringue Creams
Almond Cherry Croquants
Dark Chocolate Pots de Crème
Cream-Filled Chocolate-Covered Eclairs
Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée
Raspberry Jalousies
Cherry Pistachio Clafoutis