Deals Week Day 1: Murray's Cheese, Snuk Foods, and Lloyd Pans

Exclusive discounts just for you.


We're excited to introduce Small(er) Business Deals Week, where we've secured exclusive discounts with some of our favorite brands just for Serious Eats readers. There's nothing wrong with shopping from the big guys, but this week is all about the start-ups, the mom-and-pops, and the specialty foods and equipment that you might miss if you're only buying from a large retailer.

Since today is only day one, let us give you a picture of what you can expect. Each day, starting at noon EST, we'll be launching a few deals right here. These deals will last for 24 hours—and when noon rolls around the following day, we'll have a new set waiting for you.

Want to know what other brands will be involved? Well, we aren't going to tell you. But be sure to check your email because we may have a few clues lurking about. In the meantime, shop away!

20% Off Murray's Cheese Collections and Towers

We're pretty obsessed with cheese here at Serious Eats. We've done deep-dives into different varieties; we've talked all about pairings; we've cooked with it a whole lot; we've even written a guide about how to take proper care of your cheese. (Cheese crimes are the worst crimes.)

So we're excited to announce that our very first deal today is with Murray's Cheese, one of our most beloved purveyors of cheeses—not to mention charcuterie, salumi, and other specialty foods. Whether you're looking for a perfectly curated cheese board or want treat someone to a towering gift—yes, there are cheese towers—Murray's has it all.

15% Off Stella's Favorite Cheesecake Pan and Kenji's Detroit-Style Pizza Pan

We've long relied on Lloyd Pans for their Detroit-style pizza pan, which Kenji uses in his recipe. Kenji tested a number of pans before he landed on Lloyd's as the best for its dark, nonstick surface (which makes the cheese crispier) and its gently flared sides.

Then Lloyd Pans came back into our lives recently when Stella was testing cheesecake recipes and needed a super-tall cake pan to give the cake extra room to rise. Unfortunately, she couldn't find one tall enough, until Lloyd came to the rescue and made her one.

20% Off Snuk Foods

Snuk Foods is an amazing online marketplace for unique specialty goods, including international spices and hard-to-find pantry ingredients. A few of our favorite things: the Blank Slate Sichuan Chili Oil for a way to fast-track our chili crisp recipe, Vava Cherry Peppers with cheese to eat whenever we please, and Auria's Sambal to put on just about everything. There's also Stella's recommended orange and rose waters, our go-to telicherry peppercorns, and Gold Plum ChinKiang vinegar, a classic Chinese condiment that's essential to many braises and glazes.

All deals are subject to product availability.