Daniel Gritzer's Home Kitchen Is Tiny But Chock Full of Gear

Take a video tour of Serious Eats culinary director Daniel Gritzer's home kitchen.


I've been working exclusively from home since March, and in that time I've recorded videos, hosted livestreams, developed recipes, cross-tested others, and done my best to take my own photographs. If there's one thing that has become clear in all that time, it's that my kitchen may be tiny, but it is mighty.


Kitchen Tours: Inside Daniel Gritzer's Home Kitchen

This isn't the first time I've given Serious Eats readers a tour of my home kitchen—I brought you all in for a peek back in 2014 when I first started working for the site. Since then, I've completely renovated it to address most of my original complaints and have accumulated even more gear than I did then. It's packed tight (my wife, Kate, would say too tight), but it's my job and I need this stuff.*

*Granted, "need" is a subjective term. Do I really need more than 10 coffee-brewing devices and almost every conceivable pot and pan in duplicate triplicate? Yes, yes I do.

If you're curious to see my current setup and essential equipment, watch the video above. By the end of it, I'm sure you too will agree that there's nothing I could possibly get rid of to make space for all the dried pasta I currently stash under my bed.