Crochet Pizza Scarf


People keep hitting me with links to this crochet pizza scarf—or to other similar ones. It's not edible, but it's pretty cool. I tried to find a pattern for you but couldn't. If you're a whiz with the crochet hooks, you could probably figure it out and hook one up for yourself or your pizza-loving friend or family member. Yeah, it's a bit warm right now for a scarf, but you need something to do with your summer downtime, don't you? And now's the time to craft up cold-weather gear so you've got 'em done for fall. (Ergh. I can't believe I'm already blabbing about fall.) [via Craft: Blog]

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Crochet Whole Pizza Pie


I did find a pattern for sale for this bit of pizza crochet. This one's purely decorative, kids. I don't think you could wear it, unless you're willing to draw some stares. PDF Crochet Pattern: Thin Crust Pizza (Whole and Slice), $4.50, on Etsy