Make Your Morning Smoothie Creamier by Adding Avocado

Make creamier smoothies by including avocado. Lauren Rothman

It's officially smoothie season: the weather's too hot to even think about solid food, and produce is at its sweet and fragrant best. I've never been a big fan of breakfast, but the promise of easy morning smoothies has ensured that my blender has seen a lot of action so far this summer.

Here's the thing, though: it's easy to fall into a smoothie rut. My go-to is a banana, yogurt and soy milk smoothie made only marginally more interesting with the addition of peaches, berries, or flax seeds. It's a healthy and tasty combo, but after a few days my tastebuds long for something more exciting.

Avocado is a fairly typical shake and smoothie addition; you may have noticed it on drinks menus at southeast Asian restaurants, where it's often available blended with sweetened condensed milk or ice cream. For this dairy-free smoothie, it's mixed with tangy mango and pineapple. You might worry that this ingredient mix would lead you to something resembling guacamole, but never fear: I assure you that the final result isn't something you'd put on chips or tacos.

Ripe avocado brings a silky, creamy texture to this mix, but the flavor is all about the luscious mango and pineapple. Coconut water makes it easier to blend and continues the tropical theme, resulting in a breakfast (or afternoon snack) that breaks up the boredom of the usual blended suspects.