Gallery: Coolest Part About Japanese Rice Balls: The Packaging

  • In the Package

    At first glance, it looks just like a nori-wrapped ball of rice inside a plastic sleeve. But once you start unwrapping...

    Pull Down soon realize that the nori is actually packaged in its own sleeve, and that the entire sleeve is wrapped around the rice ball, with just a thin layer of plastic separating the nori from the rice.

    Pull the Sides

    Once the center is split, you pull on the right side and the plastic slips out, bringing the nori in direct contact with the rice.

    And the Other...

    Repeat on the remaining side...

    Tighten It Up

    The rice is pretty much already wrapped exactly as it should be, but you can tighten it up by pressing the nori flat.

    Ready to Eat!

    It's frickin' genius!