Cookie Monster: Vanilla Sprinkle Cookies


I'm an Italian bakery junkie. It doesn't matter if the cookies are sometimes stale, if the chocolate coating on the cookies can be thin, if they serve random non-Italian cookies like rugelach or New York-style black and whites. I love them for all their old school glory, for the excitement of walking up to a glass case filled with a variety of sugary options, and for that cute red and white string on the boxes.

I'll take anything from the spread: florentines, biscotti, jam-filled cookies, pinwheels, pignoli cookes. Yes, I'm an equal opportunist to all the glass case brethren, even those simple sugar cookies coated in sprinkles.

Because call them jimmies, shots, or sprinkles, these rainbow colored confections make everything better. I think it's easy to see why; they add extra sugar (good) and texture (good) and fun colors (wee).


I'll admit that sometimes those cookies can be dry, or, even with the sprinkles, not actually sweet enough. This homemade recipe solves all those problems and, I think, makes these cookies the best they can be. The first trick is getting the right texture: soft and a little chewy with lightly crisp edges and moist middles. The second is adding a good dose of vanilla and a bit of salt to flavor the dough. Lastly, don't be restrained with the sprinkles—you want to really coat the balls of dough so that they get even texture and sweetness on all sides. Now I just need to find some colored twine.