Cookie Monster: Chocolate Covered Digestive Cookies

Carrie Vasios

Every family has a unique routine that they preform when a grownup—but not so grownup as to have their own children—child comes home to visit. Example: when one of my friends goes to visit her mom, they always end up going to the movies to watch a rom com. Afterwards they enjoy those big sugary blended coffee drinks which my friend never buys any other time. Another friend goes home to have his mother feed him a feast of tropical fruits—especially mango and pineapple and all the ones that are annoying to prep for yourself—and, yes, I keep trying to get invited over to his house. My parents? They introduce me to some BBC series that I haven't seen and inevitably love, then we have an episode-watching marathon while drinking tea and eating cookies.

This happened just recently with Call The Midwife, a show about midwives working in the East End of London in the 1950s. I became obsessed to the point where raiding my father's stash of Rich Tea Biscuits and Hobs Nobs wasn't cutting it. I wanted to fully live in the show but I didn't want to give birth/assist someone in giving birth. So I made my own digestives.

Digestives are a type of whole wheat cookie which culinary historians say the Victorians developed in order to add fiber to their diet. Some versions are just a blend of whole wheat and white flour while others, mine included, add some ground oats. Plain digestives are plain indeed, with just the slightest nutty, honeyed flavor. Those are nice, especially for breakfast or if you need to settle your stomach, but these are more dessert worthy, thanks to a coating of dark chocolate.