Cookie Monster: Apricot Biscotti

Carrie Vasios

I looked down at the empty tub in my lap. My friend's gaze followed my eyes. "So you just-" "Ate 30 pieces of fruit." "Wow." "I mean if you count dried fruit as fruit." "Which it seems like we should." I considered the empty tub again. I did feel full. But those dried apricots had gone down like popcorn. We were at at the movies. OK fine, it's a habit. I can't keep dried fruit around. Dates, cherries, figs, apricots—you name it. I love them all. The chewy though still plump texture of quality dried fruit. The concentrated sweetness. The way each piece traps threads of honey and sinks into the pillowy surface of Greek yogurt.

What's one way to stop myself from eating an entire carton of dried apricots at once? Bake them in cookies (this ensures it will take me at least a few days). Of course there are other reasons to make these cookies, above all that they're delicious. The base is a fairly standard biscotti recipe: slim, golden cookies boasting an only mellow sweetness. The chunks of dried apricots add a pop of intense fruit flavor which I compliment with a hint of vanilla. To be honest, I like to bake these a little less than other biscotti, leaving them dry but relatively easy to bite through. You could mix in some almonds or a second type of dried fruit, but fans of apricots will appreciate how the deep, peachy flavor of apricots dominates every slice.

Yes they make look plain, but I promise, they're crave-worthy.