'The Occasional Vegetarian' | Cook the Book


Ah January, month of good intentions, resolutions, and drastic diet-changing ambitions. In lieu of more extreme measures such as juice fasting or master cleansing, here's a healthier, more vegetable-centric 2012 gameplan with The Occasional Vegetarian, a compilation of recipes from The New York Times' Elaine Louie.

With contributions from chefs, cooks, cookbook authors, and recipes plucked from Louie's column, "The Temporary Vegetarian," there's a heartiness that runs through the dishes in The Occasional Vegetarian. These are not the sorts of dainty, leafy vegetarian mains that lead to post-meal foraging, they're boldly flavored and satisfying in a way that has even the most blood thirsty of carnivores quite pleased with the occasionally vegetarian repast.

This week we'll be sticking to our New Year's resolution of eating more vegetables with the help of The Occasional Vegetarian. Chicken tikka is getting replaced with Bihari Green Bean Masala and we're putting together beefless bowl of vegan Bibimbap.

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