'Poulet' | Cook the Book


Tasty, simple to prepare, and not too pricey (even for your fancy, free range birds), chicken is pretty easy to love. Poulet, Cree LaFavour's newly released tome all about chicken, takes you on a trip around the world on the wings of the flightless bird.

Beginning with American chicken recipes then traveling to South America and then over to Asia, this book offers over 50 international menus all centering around the poulet, pollo or huhn.

And the menus are pretty glorious, full of inventive chicken recipes that go way beyond classic roast chicken, illustrated with lovely photographs, and written with a breezy, approachable tone that allows the cook to tweak each recipe to suit their tastes.

This week we've got the fridge stocked with plenty of thighs and whole birds in preparation for Jerk Chicken Thighs and Sumo Wrestler Stew.

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