'Cooking Light The Complete Quick Cook' | Cook the Book


In a perfect world all of us would could spend hours meandering around the local farmers' market, hand-selecting ingredients for a gorgeous meal. Then we'd leisurely make our way back to our well appointed kitchens to prepare said meal, giving no thought to time constraints.

Of course, this dreamy cooking scenario couldn't be further from kitchen reality for the majority of home cooks out there for whom getting meals on the table in record time is the name of the game.

This week we're catering to all of the real cooks out there with the help of Cooking Light The Complete Quick Cook from one of our favorite cookbook writing duos, Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. Unlike other cookbooks that promise meals in minutes, Weinstein and Scarbrough have assembled a virtual quick-cooking boot camp complete with 10 indispensable time-saving secrets, a pantry check list, tips on cookware and technique, and plenty more, all designed to streamline the entire cooking process from shopping to plating.

Oh, and the recipes in Cooking Light The Complete Quick Cook? Well, coming from Weinstein and Scarbrough, they're predictably stellar, each one far tastier and more complex than its prep time should allow.

This week we'll be sharing recipes from Cooking Light The Complete Quick Cook, creative and time savvy ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all of which put those other 30-minute meals to shame.

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