Add Bitters To Your Soda! 12 Combos We Love

Coke and Angostura

They mesh very well together, bringing out a lot of the warm spice notes that lurk somewhere in Coke but never quite come out.

Renata Yagolnitzer

One of our favorite beverages around the Serious Eats office is bitters and soda. We've got a good dozen types of bitters in the Serious Eats liquor shelves—cranberry! Peychaud's! black walnut!—and just a few dashes can turn plain ol' soda water into something much more exciting.

One day, I wandered into the office with a bottle of Coke Zero and saw Max splashing plum bitters into soda water, when it hit me: bitters and soda! Like soda-soda, pop-soda, not soda water. Why have diet Coke when I could have diet rhubarb coke? Why cream soda when it's so easy to make creamsicle-soda?

We knew there were so many more combinations we could come up with, so here for you: twelve ways to pair bitters and soda.

Any more ideas? What other flavor combinations should we try?