What Else Can You Make with Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate?

What else can we make with cold-brewed coffee? Dennis Miyashiro on Flickr

Cold-brewed iced coffee has been all anybody wants to talk about (or, of course, drink) for the past few months, but now that we're heading into the colder weather, there's a hint of desperation in every glass of the stuff poured out: How much longer will we get to collectively hang on to iced-coffee season before the chilled air rips the stubby bottles from our cold, limp hands?

If the season has to end sometime, why not send it out with one last caffeinated bang? Here are a few last-gasp uses I've concocted for that cold-brewed iced coffee you love so much.

Cold Irish Morning

Mix one ounce Irish whiskey, two ounces of cold-brewed coffee concentrate, two ounces cold water, half an ounce of milk or cream, and simple syrup to taste. Shake or stir vigorously, pour over ice, and raise a hearty sláinte to the coming fall.

(Replace the cold water with hot and you've got a fine warm beverage as well, once it turns nippy.)

CBYY (Yuangyang)

The popular Hong Kong mixture of coffee and milk-tea called Yuangyang can be made easily and deliciously with cold-brewed coffee and strong-brewed black iced tea, mixed with milk. Simply combine one part cold brew with four parts black iced tea, and add milk (and sweetener, if desired) to taste. Pour and drink over ice.

Gym Dandy

Runners have been touting chocolate milk as the perfect post-workout recovery drink for ages: The combination of fat, carbohydrates, and protein in the drink are said to be the ultimate pick-me-up for sore and damaged muscles after a strenuous session. Why not up the ante by tossing a bit of cold brew in there? An ounce of the concentrate in the bottom of a tall, frosty glass of chocolate milk is the best dangling carrot over the end of the treadmill that I can possibly imagine.

What else do you make with your cold-brew concentrate?