3 Kale Juice Cocktails to Make at Home

Autumn Giles

Let's get this out of the way: these aren't healthy, they're cocktails. They are, however, a great way to showcase the sweet, earthy taste of kale that has helped skyrocket it into vegetable stardom lately. Cocktails that incorporate kale juice have been showing up on bar menus across the country recently, and you can make the same magic at home, pairing kale juice with plenty of herbs, vegetables, and fruit juices for a fresh, unexpected update to standby summer sips. Shall we get to the recipes?

Kale Collins


A green take on a traditional gin collins, this drink is the most savory of the bunch. Lovage, which is a celery-like leafy herb, pairs with muddled cucumber and lemon juice for a really clean, refreshing cocktail. If you're someone who wants nothing more from summer than a frosty Pimm's Cup loaded up with produce, then a Kale Collins is right up your alley.

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Kale Ginger Daiquiri


Like margaritas, daiquiris are drinks whose reputation has been a bit stained by bars with slushy machines. Though they're often known as fruity, sugary drinks, this daiquiri is anything but. Paring the daiquiri down to a simpler state—the core is white rum and fresh lime juice—and adding a shot of kale juice and a spicy ginger syrup makes for a more complex version of this classic warm weather drink.

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Kale, Pineapple, Basil Smash


If you don't have a favorite smash in your drink repertoire, now is the time to add one. They're ideal for summer and are just what they sound like: your favorite type of whiskey smashed up with whatever fruit, herb, and sweetener that you have on hand. In this version, muddled fresh basil, fresh pineapple juice, kale juice, and rye combine for a delicious sweet-tart, herbaceous green drink.

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