Cocktail Overhaul: Mind Eraser

JL Studios

The Mind Eraser. Remember it? Or remember...a hazy headache and not remembering it? Actually, despite this drink's name, the combination of vodka, coffee liqueur, and soda was actually relatively low in alcohol. It probably didn't erase any memories unless you downed more than a few. But it's time to upgrade the Mind Eraser to give it more flavor—and a knockout punch.

When looking for a way to upgrade the original Mind Eraser, the flavorless vodka was the first thing to get the ax. The question then became: what to put in vodka's place? I needed a spirit that would pack a mean Tyson-like punch. And the answer hit me like a lighting bolt from Zeus: rum 151. The most common and easily-found brand is Bacardi 151, but it's definitely worth it to seek out Lemon Hart 151, a demerara rum with bold molasses, caramel, and dark fruit flavors.

The coffee liqueur is essential, but as I tested the drink, I found it just wasn't coming together. I tried several different syrups and liqueurs to complement the coffee and rum mixture, but nothing worked seamlessly until a memory from my childhood surfaced. When I was growing up, I used to visit a friend's house whose mother would stir molasses into her coffee. It was the strangest thing, and it stuck in my mind. So with some trepidation, a little molasses went into the shaker with lemon, the rum, and coffee liqueur, plus some Angostura for spice. Out poured the cocktail I had been searching for: the Mind Eraser, plus a little more. Slurp it down in one gulp if you dare, but decide to savor it and you will be rewarded.