The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Dough Off Your Hands

Got a sticky situation on your hands? Here's how to clean it up, fast.


How to Clean Dough Off Your Hands

I once hosted a demonstration by Eric Kayser, the master baker behind Maison Kayser. While every word that came out of his mouth was engrossing, the one tip that blew my mind the most was something he quickly threw out while cleaning up his hands: Instead of trying to wipe sticky dough off with towels, or rub it off under running water, just grab a handful of dry flour and rub it back and forth on your hands. The dry flour absorbs excess liquid, and the dough comes right off. All you need to do is give yourself a quick rinse, and you're clean.

Naturally, when I asked the other Serious Eats folks over Slack if they'd seen this trick before, Stella's response—accompanied, as I imagine it, by a blank stare transmitted across the ether—was: "Of course. How else would you do it?"

Turns out it's one of the oldest tricks in the pastry chef/bread-baker's arsenal. Still, I often find that things professionals do as second nature are news to us laypeople.

Long story short: It works. Do it. Your kitchen pipes, and your clean hands, will thank you.