Churros y Chocolate at Bar Jamón


Sticky buns, doughnuts, syrup-doused French toast—plenty of breakfast foods are sweet enough to qualify as desserts. But in terms of decadent morning treats, the Spanish might have us all beat. In the cafés and churrerias of Madrid, young Spanish children and all-night partiers alike go crazy for churros y chocolate: piping hot sticks of fried dough served with a shot of rich, dark cocoa.

Nothing compares to the roadside churro stands lining the Spanish streets, but New York’s tiny Bar Jamón does a fair job.

Two squat churros dusted with cinnamon-sugar accompany the small dish of traditionally thick hot chocolate. While the churros are tasty and sweet (in the way that anything doughy, fried, and sugar-covered is bound to be) it’s the chocolate that’s memorable.

Dark, slightly spicy, and tongue-coatingly thick, it’s closer to a hot fudge that a hot chocolate—clinging to your churros (or fingers) as watered-down versions do not. There’s more than enough to drown the churros, which serve primarily as the chocolate-delivery vehicle. Once they’re gone, I recommend a spoon.

While Bar Jamón isn’t open mornings, breakfasters still have two options. On weekends, the bar opens at noon, where the churros are a perfect Spanish-style late start to your day. Or hang around in the wee morning hours, after a few glasses of vino tinto, for the best kind of breakfast—the one that’s just a continuation of the night before.

Bar Jamón

125 E. 17th Street, New York NY 10009 (map) 212-253-2773