Gallery: Chinese Appetizer Recipe Week: Egg Drop Soup

  • Egg Drop Soup

    Subtle and delicious, the broth is made by fortifying a basic chicken broth with ginger, scallions, white pepper, and some chinese ham (bacon will do fine).

    Whisk the Eggs

    The egg gets whisked together with a little cornstarch to help keep it from turning rubbery when added to the soup.

    Use a Fork

    Hold a fork over the front of a small bowl as you drizzle the eggs into the soup to help separate them into thin strands.

    Drizzle Drizzle...

    Work slowly, with the soup hot, but not boiling.

    Tender Curds

    If all goes well, you should have evenly dispersed, thin strands of egg that resemble flower petals.


    Sprinkle with sliced scallion greens, and serve.