16 Chicken With Rice Recipes for a Comforting Meal

The well-known combo spans cultures and cuisines, and is our favorite way to get dinner on the table.

Maqlubeh plated on a white dish with a bowl of sauce and a small salad next to it

Serious Eats / Mai Kakish

Chicken and rice is a combination that spans cultures and cuisines, and has won hearts across the world. It's a comforting, flavorful, and often economical pairing which takes two commonly available ingredients and makes them greater than they would have been alone. In fact, chicken and rice are such an amazing duo that they're featured heavily in Starch Madness 2023, Serious Eats' yearly event which has 64 rice dishes competing to see which reigns (starchly) supreme.

Below, we've put together a list of our favorite chicken with rice recipes, suitable for cooking any time of year. Your dinner table has never looked better!