Gallery: 14 Wing Recipes That Aren't Buffalo Wings

  • Honey Chipotle Wings

    Honey Chipotle Wings

    The sauce on these grilled wings caramelizes and chars slightly over the heat of the coals, bringing out the sweetness of the honey and mellowing the extreme heat of the chipotle peppers. What starts as a sweet crisp bite into a wing ends up leaving a slight smoky burn in the back of your mouth. We rather enjoy that burn. Get the recipe »

    Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

    These wings are coated with a rub, cooked over indirect heat with applewood chunks for about 40 minutes, then finished with a sweet and spicy barbecue-honey glaze. There's a lot going on here: the succulent smokey meat, the peppery rub, and a sticky sauce that started sweet and left a pleasing lingering heat. Get the recipe »

    Old Bay Wings

    The taste of the Maryland shore does wonders for the wings, which bear only a passing resemblance to hot wings. These are their own thing. The Worcestershire and Old Bay dominate, and it's a stellar combo. Maryland natives, are you with us on this one? Get the recipe »

    Habenero Barbecue Wings

    Rubbed wings stay juicy and get a nicely browned skin after about 30 minutes of cooking, at which point barbecue sauce is applied and let to caramelize. Another coating of sauce and some time directly over the coals creates the the layers of sauce that we love. It's a little sticky, a little charred, and just overall delicious. This particular batch is coated with a roasted habanero sauce, because a touch of heat on a smoky wing just makes it all the better, right? Get the recipe »

    Tea-Smoked Chicken Wings

    A wok is an excellent way to add a bit of light smokey flavor to smaller foods, like wings. It requires no special equipment other than a wok and a rack. Since the whole thing happens in a tightly sealed foil tent, very little smoke actually enters the room. Get the recipe »

    Momofuku-Style Chicken Wings

    Make no mistake: this is not the incredibly complex recipe in the official Momofuku cookbook, which chef David Chang calls the "world's longest recipe for chicken wings." These are the shortcut, and they couldn't be easier. Get the recipe »

    Chile Chicken Wings

    These may resemble traditional Buffalo wings in appearance, but a blend of soy sauce, tahini, ginger, garlic, and Asian chile sauce adds a new twist. You think you're ready for a mouthful of red hot butter, but instead you get a flavor and texture that surprises to much delight. Get the recipe »

    Extra-Crispy Thai Sweet and Spicy Wings

    These wings are dunked in a mixture of flour, cornstarch, and baking powder, then in an egg wash, then back in the flour mixture to create an extra-crispy, thick shell. The initial crunch of the wing gives way to a sweetness, then tang, and ends with a punch of heat. Get the recipe »

    Soy-Dijon Chicken Wings

    It's the sauce on these wings that has us hooked. Black pepper is toasted in a medium-high skillet until it starts to smoke, then gets tossed with red wine, mustard, soy sauce, thyme, and lots of minced garlic. The sauce is tart and rich, with a haunting aroma of black pepper in the background. About the only bad thing we can say about it is that this recipe is missing that crucial spicy element—easily solved with a drizzle of your favorite hot sauce. Get the recipe »

    Wings al Pastor

    Most of the flavor on these wings comes from the thick spice paste that clings to the wings. They brown deeply in the oven. The heat is fairly mild but there's a strong, special earthiness from the guajillo and chipotle chiles. They definitely need the pineapple and lime to bring some freshness to the party. A lack of skin crispiness leaves a little something to be desired, but plenty of juices flow from the chicken with the all the excellent flavors that make al-pastor-anything such a treat. Get the recipe »

    Shanghai Chicken Wings

    Check out the ingredients in this sauce! Hoisin gives it backbone while the rice wine vinegar adds zing. The five-spice powder and red chile flakes give it some character: it's delicious. This is just another example of how fried wings and sauce can harmonize. Get the recipe »

    Chile Chicken Wings with Creamy Cucumbers

    These wings are sort of a riff on blue cheese and celery sticks. The fried wings get sauced with a sweet-hot chile glaze and cooled with a salad of crisp cucumbers in a minty yogurt sauce. The secret to the chile sauce is the unexpected addition of tahini—its nuttiness rounds out the rest of the Asian-inspired ingredients, giving the sauce a great thickness that coats well. Get the recipe »

    Crispy Chicken Wings with Seven-Spice Powder

    These wings are marinated in soy, sesame oil, and shichimi togarashi, a Japanese seven-spice blend that gets its flavor from Sichuan pepper, chili, roasted orange peel, and sesame seeds. It's a heady, aromatic blend of flavors that seeps deep into the wings and chars up beautifully when grilled, keeping the wings super moist and flavored through and through. Unlike other wing preparations these guys are basted during the grilling process, adding even more salty spiced goodness. There's no need for any sort of auxiliary dipping sauce. Get the recipe »

    Thai Red Curry Chicken Wings

    This recipe from Tyler Florence blends spicy red Thai curry paste with lime zest, honey, and soy sauce. It nails the spicy-sweet-salty notes perfectly. Get the recipe »