14 Wing Recipes That Aren't Buffalo Wings

Honey Chipotle Wings

The sauce on these grilled wings caramelizes and chars slightly over the heat of the coals, bringing out the sweetness of the honey and mellowing the extreme heat of the chipotle peppers. What starts as a sweet crisp bite into a wing ends up leaving a slight smoky burn in the back of your mouth. We rather enjoy that burn. Get the recipe »

Buffalo wings tend to steal the spotlight on Super Bowl Sunday, and for good reason. The vinegary, buttery, sloppy red sauce has you sucking every last pinky finger.

We're not saying these non-Buffalo wings are better than the traditional Buffalos, we're just giving you more options to eat more wings. Some of them are grilled, others are oven-baked, and of course you can fry (or double-fry if you want them ridiculously crispy).

The 14 wings, right this way »

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  2. Honey Chipotle Wings »
  3. Old Bay Wings »
  4. Habenero Barbecue Wings »
  5. Chile Chicken Wings »
  6. Extra-Crispy Thai Sweet and Spicy Wings »
  7. Soy-Dijon Chicken Wings »
  8. Wings al Pastor »
  9. Shanghai Chicken Wings »
  10. Chile Chicken Wings with Creamy Cucumbers »
  11. Crispy Chicken Wings with Seven-Spice Powder »
  12. Thai Red Curry Chicken Wings »
  13. Tea-Smoked Chicken Wings »
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