The Secret to Delicious Chicken Fajita Kebabs: It's All in the Marinade

A cilantro and lime marinade gives cubed chicken thighs a bright and fresh flavor, while peppers and onion round out the fajita flavor in these delicious kebabs. . Joshua Bousel

When it comes to fajitas, I'm a skirt-steak fiend, through and through. It's such a flavorful cut that I'd had almost no interest in making fajitas with other more bland and lifeless proteins, like chicken. A few years back, though, I decided it was time to give poultry a try, and I set out on a mission to devise a winning recipe for the grill. After a whole lot of experimentation, I came up with a great marinade—a quick purée of grassy cilantro, tart lime juice, olive oil, brown sugar, salt, cumin, and crushed red pepper—that gets the fajita flavor profile down pat.

Searching for ways to get more mileage out of that marinade, I wondered how it would hold up in kebab form. The answer? Very well. Which is great news, since I've been on a kebab kick all month long—just check out my grilled kebab guide if you have any doubts.

The cubed and marinated chicken thighs stay nice and juicy over a hot fire, retaining a bright and tangy flavor that, when combined with bell peppers and onion, tastes just like a great fajita—minus the tortilla, of course.