Tomato Bounty Week: Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes With Bacon, Parmesan, and Parsley

Cherry tomatoes are filled with a creamy mix of mayonnaise, bacon, parsley, and Parmesan. Jennifer Olvera

Tomato season is in full swing, which means your farmers market is probably hemorrhaging the fruit in every shape and size imaginable. And while I love a big, fat heirloom as much as the next gal, cherry tomatoes, plump yet petite, hold a particularly special place in my heat.

See, I started cooking around age four. And in the years that followed, my mom had to endure all manner of experimental "snacks," many of them a childish and clumsy attempt to recreate her famous stuffed cherry tomato hors d'oeuvre—one that she made almost exclusively for special occasions.

It's not that the dish is especially hard to make (at least for those of us with adult-size fingers); it's just a bit time-consuming due to the scooping and draining involved. It's worth it, though: in addition to making use of the bumper crop of cherry tomatoes, it's just plain crave-worthy. The juicy fruit is packed full of smoky, crunchy bacon, salty Parmesan cheese, creamy mayo, and a sprinkling of bright, fresh parsley. Just an hour in the fridge is long enough to let the flavor meld and the filling firm up. Then serve away...or pop them in your mouth with reckless abandon.