Eat This Cheese: Délice de Bourgogne


If you're a fan of rich, plush cheeses, I have three words for you: Délice de Bourgogne. Produced in Burgundy, this fine French cheese has a handful of exciting flavors hiding beneath its bloomy rind: salty, sour, and tart, with an intoxicating sweetness that wraps the whole thing together. The cheese's voluptuous texture is often the first (and last) thing people remember about this creamy treat.

Délice de Bourgogne, a classic triple cream, is made with an extra helping of butterfat, which elevates the silkiness of rich cow's milk to insanely decadent heights. When fully ripe, the soft creamline takes over the interior layers of the cheese, leaving only a touch of firm paste at its heart. This is when Délice de Bourgogne is at its best, so resist the temptation to demolish your wedge as soon as you bring it home. Let it repose in your fridge until the rind collapses into the cream; it's at this perfect stage that a crisp cracker can be pulled across the side of an open wedge, the soft cheese billowing like a cloud, providing little resistance (a convenient excuse when someone asks how you ate the entire wedge in 30 seconds flat).

There are few cheeses that I could categorize as "fluffy." This is one of them.

You'll have a hard time finding a more buttery dairy experience, outside of butter itself. As such, this cheese lends itself well to being spread across a nutty slice of cracked wheat bread or scooped up with a simple water cracker. I've served Délice de Bourgogne on a plate with other cheeses, though this is one you may just want to serve on its own, allowing your guests to melt deeper and deeper into the cheese puddle.