Have You Tried Cinnamon Roll Crunch, the New Cap'n Crunch Flavor?

I must confess, now that I can have any cereal I want (meaning that I am an adult with more than $5 in my bank account) sometimes I feel the magic is lost. But all it takes is a stroll down the cereal aisle, breathing in the light scent of cardboard, my eyes roving over the rows of happy colorful boxes, and the thrill returns.

I'm a big fan of the Cap'n despite his cereal's roof-of-mouth-destroying quality. Admittedly though, I'm actually pretty unfamiliar with the Cap'n's other varieties (Crunchberries and the Peanut Butter flavor). But the bright blinking word "NEW" on the box of his latest, Cinnamon Roll Crunch, won me over.


Ripping open this box, I greedily dug in to discover rough cereal balls that simultaneously ripped up my mouth and unpleasantly coated my tongue. The flavor of cinnamon dissolves into something stale and sour, vaguely akin to a Cinnabon branded candle. Considering my love for cinnamon cereals, this was a huge disappointment.

DARN IT. Should have gone for the Basic 4 cereal, with its no-nonsense almonds and raisins, right beside the Cinnamon Roll Crunch boxes instead.

Are you a fan of Cap'n Crunch and his other flavor varieties? Have you tried Cinnamon Roll Crunch yet?