29 Recipes to Make the Most Out of Your Cast Iron Skillet

From one-pan chicken dinners to seared steak and cornbread, these 29 recipes will help you get the most from cast iron skillet cooking.

Emily and Matt Clifton

If you live an apartment, which many of us on staff do, you probably don't have the space to amass as many pans as you'd like. Practicality dictates that we buy only what we're really going to use. There are just a couple pans we own that we have no trouble justifying: a carbon steel wok, an eight-inch nonstick egg pan, and, of course, our trusty 10-inch Lodge cast iron skillet, the top pick from our cast iron skillet review.


How to Season and Maintain a Cast Iron Pan

In fact, if we had to pick just one pan to use the rest of our lives, it would be that cast iron skillet. Cast iron shines when it comes to high-heat cooking, like searing steaks or charring vegetables, but it's so much more versatile than that—you can use cast iron to sauté, bake bread, or even cook eggs with no risk of sticking, provided it's well seasoned. And despite the myths, it's super resilient, easy to season, and easy to care for.

To show you why we love our cast iron skillet, here are 29 recipes that put it to good use, from seared steak and full chicken dinners to skillet pizza and cornbread.