9 Easy Canned Tomato Recipes

Whether roasted, sauced, or simmered, canned tomatoes are a pantry hero.

Vicky Wasik

Canned tomatoes are a versatile pantry staple that are ripe with potential. One can plus a handful of other ingredients might be all that’s standing between you and a flavorful dinner. Though canned tomatoes aren’t a substitute for fresh, they’re a shortcut to tomato-based sauces and braises, curries and stews, and soups and salsas. Affordable and accessible, canned tomatoes add depth, sweetness, and a tinge of acidity to vegetables, eggs, beans, cheese, meat, chicken, fish, shellfish, and all kinds of starches.

To learn more about what kinds of canned tomatoes are on the market, and which ones are worth keeping on hand, read our canned tomato guide. And, for those into doing it yourself, we’ve also got a guide to canning tomatoes at home.

Read on for nine great pantry-friendly recipes for canned tomatoes, from huevos rancheros to a 15-minute creamy tomato soup.