Cakespy: Graham Cracker Figgy Pudding


We've all heard the song refrain, but what is figgy pudding, exactly?

You may be surprised—I certainly was—to learn that this baked pudding is really more like a cake. Rich in diced figs and spices, it gives a hint of fruitcakey-ness, but with a flavor that is far superior. The figs give it a mellow, almost honey-like sweetness, and keep it just moist enough to be slightly sticky, but not so sticky that it sticks to your teeth.

I took some liberties with the traditional recipe, substituting crushed graham cracker crumbs for bread crumbs, and going without a water bath. Forgoing the water bath suggested in the recipe I adapted was actually a mistake, but the pudding came out moist, cake-like, and uncracked, so I decided to stick with it here.

Technically, this figgy pudding doesn't need garnish, but I found that it was highly pleasant when paired with a simple confectioners' sugar glaze, and a sprinkling of crystallized mint made it festive and pretty.

So make some figgy pudding, and make it right now! Then, for some real feel-good points, make a Christmas miracle happen by actually bringing someone you love some figgy pudding. Impromptu song and dance routines are possible, but general delight guaranteed.