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  • The Onion Burger

    onion cheeseburger on paper plate

    Equal parts burger and onion, the Oklahoma Onion Burger is truly a thing of austere beauty.

    Step 1: Add Your Beef

    beef patties cooking on cast iron skillet

    Add small balls of freshly ground beef to a hot skillet.

    Step 2: Smash 'Em

    push down beef patties to flatten them

    Use a stiff spatula to smash down the burgers into a flat patty shape. You can season the patties before smashing or after, but either way, get plenty of salt and pepper in there.

    Step 3: Add Onions

    onions on top of smashed beef patties

    Add your onions. Lots and lots of onions, sliced as thinly as you can.

    Step 4: Scrape 'Em Up

    use metal spatula to flip patties

    Use a stiff spatula held upside down to scrape up the patties from the skillet, making sure to get all of the tasty browned bits.

    Step 5: Let 'Em Sizzle

    keep onion burgers on cast iron skillet

    Flip the burgers over and let them sizzle a bit. If your patties were quite lean (why would they be?), you can add a bit of oil to the skillet at this stage to help the onions along. But you shouldn't need to.

    Once flipped, add cheese to the top (if you're going to), followed by the top bun and the bottom bun. Cook like this until the buns soften from the onion steam and the onions smell nice and sweetly caramelized.

    Step 6: Stack 'Em Up

    onion cheeseburgers

    Assemble your burgers by picking up the bottom buns with your hands, then lifting the whole onion-y mess—onions, patty, cheese, and top bun—and placing it on the bottom. You can slip a pickle and some mustard on there too, if you'd like. Serve immediately.

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