Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese


Some folks will eat buffalo-flavored just about anything. You can count me out of that camp, with a few notable exceptions. I'll pop back some buffalo-flavored Combos when the mood strikes. Crispy Fried Buffalo Cauliflower is a smashing alternative to its more chicken-y brethren.

Somewhere in the middle of my list: Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese. My personal jury is still out on it. Sure, it's creamy, gooey, salty, hot, and all those other good things. Everything I want in a bowl of mac and cheese. Yet the idea still seems a little... odd to me.

Buffalo chicken just shouldn't be part of mac and cheese. I don't know why. The two ideas create a strange sort of cognitive dissonance that makes me feel uncomfortable in the same way that I get uncomfortable when I have to admit to myself that OK, not every Beatles song is great.

Maybe I'll get over it. I mean it's delicious enough that if I force myself to eat it enough, perhaps my discomfort at the concept will disappear. If such psychological woes don't trouble your minds, then you will probably have a better time of it all. I should stop feeling sorry for myself and just go drown my fears in Frank's.

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